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Covid-19 safety cleaning measures

Due to the nature of our cleaning services, we are uniquely prepared to help create a hea​lthy environment in your home during these unprecedented times.  Many of our services already include using disinfectants and sanitizer that further reduces the risk of virus-related illnesses. Our primary objective is to help make your home healthier and to add an extra layer of safety, we will add disinfecting the door knobs, light switches and other high “touch” areas in the home on each cleaning regardless if it is a general or detail clean.

Carefully following CDC guidelines to mitigate the spread of Covid-19, we have added these additional safety measures:


                   PPE: Personal protective equipment


<> Facial mask and eye shield will be worn at all times inside homes

<>Disposable gloves and shoe covers.

<>Uniforms will be worn


·         We diligently wash hands with soap and water and use hand sanitizer continuously.

·         All our equipment is cleaned and sanitized between appointments, including vacuums, basket tires, handles, electrical cables, and personal uniforms.

·         Our personal shoes stay outside our own resident submerged in half/half bleach water, why you need to leave your shoes OUTSIDE your home: Infectious disease specialist warn COVID-19 can survive on soles for up to five days.

·         We are practicing social distancing by not visiting public places, and not having family gatherings

·         Wash cleaning microfiber towels daily with detergent and water, along with a disinfectant

·         We are switching out all cleaning cloths, mop heads between homes, and thoroughly launder them and between usages,…You are welcome to provide your own towels and mops. 

·         We are taking our temperature in the morning and again in the afternoon, if we show flu-like

Symptoms we will stay home. We have not travel outside Ohio.

·         We are not taking new customers at this time to minimize even further our exposure.

·         At this time, we are not working in teams to prevent the spread of our workforce and keep our cleaners safe.


Cleaning, disinfecting, protective gear, vigilance and social distancing are all important facets to slow and halt the spread of Covid-19.  We will continue following CDC guidelines and adding additional measures to safely provide the same level of quality and care in an effort to help make your home a healthy environment.



·         We ask that any household with occupants showing signs of illness please cancel your appointment.  If you travelled outside Ohio, please let us know.

·         We are asking our customers to practice social distancing while your cleaning is in progress,

By moving to an opposite side of your home, we can safely practice social distancing.

·         We are not carrying toilet brushes with us any longer; there is a major Health hazardous and the spread of germs and bacteria. Please provide your own.

·         We are not making beds, folding towels nor doing laundry until future notice.

·         Please open windows to improve indoor air quality inside bathrooms or nearby between 2" or 3" inches (weather permit) at least 30 minutes before our arrival…a patio door is also a way to ventilate and refresh your home.

Depending on your home sq/ft we can only provided a partial cleaning, we do not want our customers to stay in one single area for a long period, we would like to spend as minimum time as possible while in your home, the cost will be lower for partial cleanings.

Partial cleanings cannot be the heaviest load of work for one single cleaner; Example all bathrooms, kitchen, floors, dusting etc. this is a complete full service.

For questions and concerns, please give us a call at 614-670-3696


Together we can fight COVID-19


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